Telehandler Bale Fork

The Telehandler Square Bale Fork allows for safe handling of individual or multiple round or square bales – for stacking in sheds or hay stockpiles. The bale fork has many features, including: Drop forged tines and heavy duty steel construction Multiple hitch types available (commonly sold with euro hitch) Manual and hydraulic adjustable back frames available Colour coded as required Multiple tine configurations STD Back Frame Height 1800mm OPTIONS – 2100mmm Back Frame Adjustable 5′,1.5m – 8′,2.4m Back Frame Adjustable 6′,1.8m – 9′,2.7m Back Frame

Tilt Attach

Fully utilize your skid steer loader attachments with the powerful tilt attach. Allows angling of a variety of attachments including buckets, brooms, trenchers and more. Work easily on hilly terrain or uneven surfaces with a Digga heavy duty tilt attachment. FEATURES: Allows full utilization of skid-steer on hilly terrain Attaches to a skid-steer universal hitch to allow 18° left or right tilt off centre line Tilts buckets and landscaping implements for more precise grading, leveling and trenching Valve package is mounted on Tilt Attach for use with hydraulic powered attachments Simple connection by electric wiring keeps valves and hoses out of operator’s cabin Large spiracle ball bushing in centre pivot allows extra strength and durability Pins attach two halves together … Read More

Rotary Tiller

Attachment for ground preparation prior to turfing, planting, seeding. FEATURES: Dual rotation with bi-directional tynes Two position offset mount that covers wheel/tracks and allows tight cut next to obstacles Front edge is designed to level out uneven ground Rear scarifier assembly significantly increases productivity by combining the tractive effort and force
of the loader with hydraulic power of the tiller High torque efficient chain system and high clearance hood to handle trash Adjustable scarifier depth 2 Year limited warranty

Magnum Mulcher

The Digga Magnum Mulcher provides High Flow Skid Steer Loaders & Excavators up to 20 tonne with the versatility of grinding small and large material, trees or brush, even above ground stumps with just one operator. Debris can be mulched back into the soil for faster decomposition. Magnum is the perfect value adding attachment for clearing firebreaks, land clearing, maintenance of park or forestry trails, vegetation management and re-mediation. FEATURES: Hydraulic driven, self aligning belt drive; low maintenance andgreat durability Fixed hammers with replaceable carbide teeth Shreds up to 8” diameter hardwood trees Designed to operate at 2,000 RPM Adjustable push bar Optional oil cooler available in both field and/or factory installation Replaceable abrasion resistant AR400 wear plate on skid … Read More

Harley Rake

The most versatile attachment you will ever own. Pulverise and prepare seedbed, de-thatch or remove old lawns and weeds all with one tool. Cut drainage grades, skim passes for over-seeding or prepare and condition job sites for seeding. Remove rock and other debris by windrowing or make a pile for easy pick-up with your loaders bucket. FEATURES: Single hydraulic motor Pure carbide teeth for longer life Dual independently adjustable gauge wheels Adjustable urethane barrier Slews for windrowing debris IDEAL USE: Seedbed preparation, site clean up, rejuvenating old turf, reconditioning hard soil, trench restoration, levelling, windrowing debris, drying out muddy sites, site preparation and blending materials.

Vibratory Roller

FEATURES: The hydraulic drives of the roller are protected and isolated to provide maximum performance and reliability. These hard-hitting units can deliver up to 3500kgs of dynamic force when operating at 95LPM. It’s versatility makes the roller highly effective on a wide range of materials including sand, gravel, soils and asphalt. The Digga Vibratory Roller is available with a smooth drum providing our customers with a productive and cost effective compaction attachment. The steel drum has an adjustable steel scraper blade between the frame and the drum, ensuring smooth and uniform compaction performance. IDEAL USE: rental fleets, contractors, landscaping, roadways, walkways, bike paths, golf courses, bridges and parking lots.

Road Profila

STANDARD FLOW FEATURES: Digga Planetary drive delivers high torque All purpose picks for use on both asphalt and concrete Independant self-levelling depth adjustment plates which allow for precise lapping cuts and taper cuts Manual depth and tilt options available Convient ergonomic electro-hydraulic control joystick for depth, tilt and side shift (optional) Water nozzle kit for dust supression supplied as standard Solid hardened steel wheels with greaseable manifold pins and secluded greased zerks 300mm standard drum 1 year limited warranty HIGH FLOW FEATURES: 2 models available HP450 and HP 600 Digga Planetary drive delivers high torque High rear spoil clearance to prevent recirculation of material Independent self-leveling depth adjustment plates which allow for precise lapping cuts and taper cuts Manual depth … Read More


The Slasha is a slashing attachment for Skid Steer Loaders that can be used for the effective cutting and clearing of grass and low ground shrubbery. FEATURES: Available with Fixed or side shift Frame Twin blade, dual rotation, single cutting bar Two Models available 1500mm (5’) wide and 1800mm (6’) wide Rounded side skids for smoother maneuverability over uneven terrain Adjustable cutting height 40-140mm

Stick Rake/Dozer Blade

Designed for pushing up tree and general farm refuse High wearing grouser bar on base of tines

Square Bale Fork

STD Back Frame Height 1.5m OPTIONS – 1.8m Back Frame Adjustable .9m – 1.5m Back Frame