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  1. What is the Telehandler Gold Card Training Program? also
  2. Who needs a Telehandler Gold Card Ticket (Licence)?
  3. Is it a legal requirement to undertake Telehandler Training? plus
  4. What is covered in the Telehandler Training Program?
  5. Where can you get a Telehandler Ticket? and
  6. When do you need to renew a Telehandler Gold Card Licence?
  7. What is the difference between a Yellow Card Licence and a Gold Card Licence?
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What is the Telehandler Gold Card Training Program?

The Telehandler Gold Card Training Program is the telehandler industry training course developed by the Elevated Work Platform Association. YG Lifting Solutions helped to develop and roll out the initial training with the Telehandler Association of Australia (TSHA). Participants of this certified training course receive their telehandler ticket.

The Telehandler Gold Card Training Program provides training and assessment for both experienced and novice operators. Similar to its Yellow Card sister program in the Elevated Work Platform industry.

YG Lifting Solutions are experts in the telehandler industry with over 70 years of industry experience. And, they were involved in the original rollout of this mandatory training and also were responsible for training the trainers throughout Australia. YG Lifting Solutions are TSHA (Telescopic Handler Association of Australia) accredited trainers and leading issuers of accredited telehandler tickets. That’s why they are the number 1 choice. Ready to get trained? You can now book and check availability online. 


So, who needs a Telehandler Gold Card Ticket (Licence)?

Anyone operating a non-slewing telehandler in NSW is required to meet Work Cover requirements. This includes Duty of Care training in the safe operation of a Telehandler. Therefore, Telehandler Gold Card Training provides the telehandler operator with the skills and knowledge required to operate the telehandler safely with different telehandler attachment combinations. Better to be safe than sorry and get the training.

For instance, the Telehandler Gold Card will allow you to operate any capacity Telehandler with Pallet Forks. In addition, it allows you to operate a Telehandler using a jib with a maximum lifting capacity of 3 tonnes. Does that sound like you?

If you wish to use a jib which lifts over 3 tonnes you will need a CN Ticket (Non-Slewing Crane Ticket) as well as a Telehandler Ticket.
However, be aware that there are different Telehandler Operator requirements in each state. Check out the details in the link.  Click here to view the latest official requirements as outlined by the Telescopic Handler Association of Australia

Is it a legal requirement to undertake training?

Yes it is.  The Telehandler Gold Card training is nationally accredited and meets 2 requirements of WHS and OHS legislation.
– Firstly, it confirms that the telehandler operator has been trained in the safe use of the machine, and
– Secondly, the employer and user both have documentary evidence that the required ‘duty of care’ has been met.

So, don’t delay. Cover yourself. And, get your Telehandler Gold Card Ticket today! YG Lifting solutions can help NOW.


So, what’s covered in the telehandler training?

A one full-day training program. Including, 3 hours of theory as well as a 35-minute video presentation and assessment. Largely focused on practical demonstration training for telehandler operators. Training includes attachments. Plus, one on one training and practical assessment. Learn processes and procedures throughout the day to help you drive any type of Telehandler. It’s much, much easier than you think. And, hands-on. Best of all, you’ll gain confidence that you are covered to safely operate a telehandler. So, what are you waiting for? Get covered now!


And, where can you get a Telehandler Ticket?

YG Lifting Solutions are expert trainers in Telehandler Gold Card Tickets. Courses run every Monday and Friday in Sydney at Smeaton Grange. Located 10 minutes from Campbelltown. Alternatively, our trainers can visit your site and train a group anywhere in NSW. So, if you want to learn from the best, call us!


Opening Hours

Open Monday- Friday 8am-5pm

As a result, Telehandler Gold Cards are issued when competency in the safe use and operation of a telehandler is shown. Additionally, once assessment tasks as set out by the accredited trainers are successfully completed.


Did you know that Telehandler Gold Cards are known by various names. Telehandler Licence, Telehandler Ticket, Telehandler Certificate, and Manitou Licence. As well as Manitou Ticket all mean the same thing. It’s confusing. But we’re here to make it easy.


Importantly, when do you need to renew a Gold Card Licence?

Telehandler Gold Card tickets are valid for 5 years, therefore, they need to be renewed after this time. Is your ticket valid?

The certified Gold Card includes a photo identification and is registered with the Telescopic Handler Association of Australia. But, you may require additional training down the track. For example, if you use a different telehandler or different attachments to those which were originally used to obtain your licence.

CONTACT US if you are unsure whether your Telehandler Gold Card Ticket is current. We can check. Also, if you have any other questions about telehandler tickets or training our expert staff can assist. So call us now. Or, reach out using the contact form- let’s chat. We are happy to help.

Telehandler Ticket Training

Telehandler Training is held weekly in Sydney. And, onsite throughout NSW for groups.

What is the difference between a Gold Card Licence and a Yellow Card Licence?

A Yellow Card Licence is for operators of EWPs, also known as mobile elevated work platforms. This includes boom and scissor lifts with lift heights up to 11 metres. YG Lifting Solutions now offers EWP Ticket Yellow Card Training. To book or find out more visit our Yellow Card Training webpage.