Looking to buy a used telehandler? They’re selling fast!

BUY A USED TELEHANDLER FROM THE EXPERTS. THEY ARE SELLING FAST! READ THIS FOR THE LATEST DEALS! There are some important things to consider when looking to buy a used telehandler. It’s a big investment for your business and you want to make the right decision. And, maximise the return on investment. Here we cover off 6 critical things you should think about up front: 1/ Buy from a reputable supplier 2/ Purchase a top brand used telehandler 3/ Get the right lift capacity and lift height for the job 4/ What extra features are you looking for? 5/ What’s your budget? 6/ Current used telehandlers for sale BUY A USED TELEHANDLER FROM A REPUTABLE SUPPLIER Purchase from the best. … Read More

Used Telehandler Dieci 40.25 Rotational 2008 for Sale

Used Telehandler Dieci 40.25 Rotational

THIS TELEHANDLER IS NOW SOLD- check out other used telehandlers for sale at TELEHANDLER SALES . USED TELEHANDLER DIECI 40.25 ROTATIONAL FOR SALE Used Telehandler Dieci 40.25 Rotational description. 4T Lift Capacity 25 Metre Lift Height Year 2008- Had a major 10 year inspection in 2018 EWP Man Basket (Slewing), also includes Air Conditioning 360 Degree Rotational Pallet Forks, plus Rhino/Hook- Jib Carriage Mounted Winch Serviced Detailed 4 x Spare Tyres $120,000 plus GST Ex Smeaton Grange Check out other Used Telehandlers for Sale So, call us today if you are looking to buy a for a used Telehandler Dieci 40.25 Rotational or other used telehandler.  We also have other top brand new and used telehandlers for sale. YG Solutions sell … Read More

TELEHANDLER TICKETS- All you need to know!

Telehandler Ticket

What is the Telehandler Gold Training Program? Telehandler Tickets are awarded to course attendees on the successful completion of the Telehandler Gold Card Training Program. This is the industry-standard certified training course developed by the (EWPA). YG Lifting Solutions helped to develop and roll out this training in conjunction with the Telehandler Association of Australia (TSHA).  The Telehandler Gold Card Training Program provides training and assessment for experienced or novice operators. Similar to its Yellow Card sister program in the Elevated Work Platform industry. YG Lifting Solutions are experts in the telehandler industry with over 70 years of industry experience. Involved in the original rollout of this mandatory training. YG are responsible for training the trainers throughout Australia. YG Lifting … Read More

Telehandler Hire

One of our 18m, 4T capacity machines loaded on our truck going out for hire. We have a range of machines to suit many needs. Contact us today if you would like to hire a Telehandler 1300 300 605