Telehandler Hire in Sydney


Hiring a telehandler can be a great way to fast track a major project. There are many companies out there hiring earthmoving equipment but not all are created equal. Getting the right expert advice, ensuring safety and compliance on the worksite and having the best equipment for the job are all top priorities. The best value option isn’t just about price. This article is here to help you make sure you get the best deal when it comes to hiring or renting a telehandler in Sydney. And, how to avoid costly mistakes.

So, what are the critical factors in deciding the best place to hire or rent a telehandler in Sydney?

  • Company Expertise
  • Company Reputation
  • Age & Maintenance of Machine
  • Reputable Machine Brand
  • Telehandler Capacity and Attachments
  • Legal Compliance
  • Telehandler Hire Rates, and importantly
  • Things to watch out for

Let’s cover each of these points off.

Hire Company Expertise

Is the telehandler hire company a specialist in the Telehandler industry or just a generic equipment hire company?

YG Lifting Solutions are the experts in the telehandler industry as a result of over 70 years combined industry experience. Hiring telehandlers since 2009 with over 350 hire agreements so far to date. As market leaders in telehandler sales, Gold Card training, parts and service and hire.  Located in Sydney but offering Australia wide service, the entire YG business centres around telehandlers.

The YG Lifting Solutions team consists of Telehandler people. Andrew Young and Paul Gray are the sole Directors of YG Lifting Solutions. They bring a wealth of knowledge and industry experience to the company through previous employment with major industry leaders Manitou and Dieci from 1998. Andrew and Paul have been heavily involved with the TSHA (Telescopic Handler Association) through their pioneering of the Telehandler Gold Card Training program which now nationally accredited. Since the establishment of the TSHA, Andrew has spent time on the Sub Committee to help improve the education of Telescopic Handler Operators/Owners and Hirers. The service manager Barry Johnston is the only Accredited Inspector with the TSHA who is authorised to carry out periodic and major inspections on behalf of the Association.

Telehandler Hire

Telehandler Rental Company Reputation

How happy are past customers in dealing with the Telehandler hire company?

Look at the hire companies’ customer reviews on Google. Ask them to supply a list of companies that they have worked for in the past. You can call one or two to check how well the company has serviced their needs.

If you check out YG’s customer reviews you’ll see they are all 5 out of 5. Very happy customers.

“YG provides the highest level of professional and customer service. They are reliable and prompt in their response time and have provided me with excellent advice based on their extensive knowledge and experience. I did the training in Sydney and was highly impressed with the workshop, staff and the presentation of the machine that I bought.” (Bruce McCarthy- April 2020- Google Review)

We deal with some great long-term clients who have developed some major landmark builds. These include Richard Crookes Constructions, Built, Lipman Builders, Mirvac and Watpac.

Age & Maintenance of Machine

Is the Telehandler being hired a recent model and has it been well maintained?

Ask for evidence of the maintenance schedule before hiring or renting the telehandler.

All Telescopic Handlers supplied by YG Lifting Solutions are late modelled units.  The newest additions to the YG Telehandler hire fleet are 2019 models. With a majority of the 40+ fleet of telehandlers under 3 years old.

YG Service Technicians visit the telehandler rental fleet on a monthly basis to service, check, inspect, lubricate and repair as required. This ensures we meet our Australian Standards obligations (AS1418-19 and AS2550-19). Our highly experienced telehandler technicians also respond quickly in the case of a repair needed onsite. Therefore, reducing downtime.

Reputable Machine Brand for Hire

Is the Telehandler being hired a reputable quality brand?

Working with a top-quality telehandler brand is key. This ensure reliability and improved performance therefore saving time and money on the job site. For this reason, YG run a fleet of over 40 telehandlers that consist of both Manitou and Merlo Brands of all different sizes to suit numerous applications.

Through the innovative approach to product development, Merlo Group has become the world market leader in hydrostatic transmission telehandlers. With over 50 years of leading expertise in design and safety, Merlo continues to provide improved technology to improve the way we work.

Manitou is a world class manufacturer of equipment that makes telehandlers, forklifts, cherry pickers, and other heavy equipment. Established in France in 1957 by Marcel Braud who designed the first forklift truck for use in rough terrain. In 2004 Manitou opened its Australian operation.

Telehandler hire Sydney

Telehandler Capacity and Attachments

Does the telehandler have the right fit for the job a hand?

YG Lifting Solutions offer a range of Telescopic Handlers for Wet and Dry Hire. Depending on the application, YG Lifting Solutions will offer guidance and extensive industry knowledge to ensure the machine hired is suitable for the job ahead.

How do YG match the right telehandler and attachments to the job? We follow an assessment process upfront. Firstly, we start by asking a few questions about the application and the industry. Then, we discuss any restrictions onsite with regards to height or width and even weights on suspended concrete slabs. Next, we’ll check what is the maximum lift height requirement. And finally, we confirm the maximum load weight needed for the lift. These questions will then determine the size machine and the attachments that will be best for the job.

Telehandler machines available for hire from YG have a lift capacity starting at 2.5 tonnes up to 6 tonnes. And, lift height from 6m up to 18m. All units can come with pallet forks, bin rotators, jib and bucket. As a bonus, they all have air conditioning too.

Need advice on the right telehandler for your job? Contact YG today.

Legal Compliance

Is the Telehandler compliant with the Australian Standards. And, have you got a Telehandler Gold Card Licence?

YG Lifting Solutions takes care of compliance. Fully maintaining machines to Australian Standards (AS1418.19 and AS2550-19). Road registration of machines.

Any telehandler operator needs to have an up to date Telehandler Gold Card Ticket. This ticket is obtained through the nationally accredited Telehandler Gold Card training which meets 2 requirements of WHS/OHS legislation. YG offers weekly training sessions in Sydney on either a Monday and Friday and will also conduct group training sessions onsite. Contact us to book Gold Card telehandler training.

Telehandler Hire and Gold Card Training Onsite

Sydney Harbour May 2020

Telehandler Hire Rates

What value are you getting for the price?

When renting a telehandler in Sydney, check what the price includes. Does the price include attachments? How much is delivery of the Telehandler to site? Do you only get charged for the time used or is there a minimum monthly charge? Is onsite servicing as well as maintenance included?

YG charge a competitive weekly rate and invoice at the end of the month for the months charge. Plus, all attachments are included in the price. Supported Australia Wide by a full service and maintenance program. So, you reduce the risk of downtime. Contact YG today for a quote.

Things to Watch Out For

Check that the telehandler hire company has proof of maintaining their telehandlers in accordance with Australian Standards AS2550-19. In addition, many hire companies will offer machines in poor repair with missing load charts, manuals and paperwork. Also beware, sometimes machines are even fitted with incorrect and illegal attachments that the customer hiring the unit is totally unaware of. Therefore, this is why using a company with a strong industry reputation is important.


Contact YG Lifting Solutions for expert Telehandler advice or to discuss renting a Telehandler in Sydney today.