Machinery Attachments FAQs


As a leading supplier of earthmoving machinery attachments, YG Lifting Solutions are proud dealers for Digga Australia Wide. Supplying a wide range of attachments to suit telehandlers, excavators, loaders and skid steers.  YG Lifting Solutions provide expertise daily in regards to which attachment is right for the equipment being used and the job at hand.

This article will outline the TOP 6 questions YG are asked about machinery attachments. And will provide the answer, as well. These commonly asked questions relate to :

  • Loading Ramps
  • Auger Drive Units
  • Auger Drills
  • Pallet Forks
  • 4 in 1 Buckets
  • Rotators

Loading Ramps Machinery Attachments Top Question & Answer

QUESTION: My machine weighs 2.8T, what size ramp should i look at?

ANSWER: 3T ramps would be the answer as they are rated to take the load

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1T Ramps available at $965 +GST and 3T Ramps $1400 + GST


Auger Drive Units Top Question & Answer

QUESTION: I have some old Auger Drills with a square fitting, will they fit a new Auger Drive with a round hub?

ANSWER: Yes, YG Lifting Solutions can supply an adaptor to suit.

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PD3 Auger Drive Unit also comes with hitch, hoses and coupler for $1980 + GST.


Auger Drills Top Question & Answer

QUESTION: What teeth should I use on the Auger machinery attachment?

ANSWER: It depends on the ground conditions. Earth Augers have bladed teeth for earth/shale/clay. Tungsten will provide greater drilling speed. MFT are multi face tungsten teeth which will drill slower in heavy earth and clay than TC but has a greater penetration than shale and rock.

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Pallet Forks Top Question & Answer

QUESTION: Will these pallet forks for my skid steer loader?

ANSWER: Yes, depending on the brand of the machine, YG will match up the hitch to ensure it fits on.

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1200kg pallet forks available from $1525 + GST


4 in 1 Buckets Top Question & Answer

QUESTION: Can this bucket have teeth?

ANSWER: Yes, YG have options for teeth or bolt on wear edge for this Digga 4 in 1 bucket. Depending on the width of the bucket, depends on how many teeth can be fitted.

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Available starting from $3820 + GST


Rotator Top Question & Answer

QUESTION: Do your rotators rotate a full 360 degrees?

ANSWER: Yes they are a continuous 360 degree rotator and will rotate clockwise or anticlockwise.

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What’s your machinery attachment question?

So, let  us know if you have answer questions in relation to machinery attachments. Our expert staff will be happy to provide you the best advice. Get in touch today.